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House Rules

Polkadot Play is a safe space for all people of all abilities. With this in mind, we withhold the right to refuse service to anyone that habitually violates our house rules. This applies to both adults and children.

1. Be Safe - Have fun while protecting your body.

2. Be Kind - Use kind words with others. Please remember to share!

3. Be Respectful - Respect other people’s bodies and space.

4. Be Responsible - Treat the gym equipment with respect. Clean up toys when you finish playing with them. You are responsible for any damages exceeding $50.

Thank you for being a part of the Polkadot Play family. By checking the box on our registration form, the Registering Party expresses understanding and acceptance of these rules and agrees to abide by them. Repeated violation of these rules will result in not being allowed to participate in Polkadot Play Open Gyms or classes. Thank you for your understanding!

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